Hüpassaare study rail in Sooma national parkSource: Karl Ander Adami

National parks in Estonia

Estonia's six national parks protect the diverse landscapes found in every corner of the country. Plan a visit to explore off-road and off-grid!

Untouched forests, hidden bog lakes, and long, winding coastlines

Estonia’s six national parks are some of the country’s most significant natural resources.

Though Estonia may not cover a lot of territory, each park has a unique identity. In Western Estonia, you’ll find coastal and wooded meadows and dozens of small islands and inlets — paddle from one island to another through shallow seawater and enjoy an incredible sunset from the slow-flowing river bed. A few hundred kilometers to the east, you can marvel at large primeval forests, lake-rich peat bogs, marshlands, and a gently rolling landscape filled with the rich cultural heritage of Setomaa and the Old Believers. The climate also varies by region — flowers bloom under a warm spring sun in the west, while skiers hit the cross-country trails in the east.


Sustainable travel is a timeless tradition, not a trend.

The European Federation of Protected Areas (EUROPARC Federation) has recognized Lahemaa, Matsalu, and Soomaa National Parks for developing sustainable nature tourism in their respective regions.

Lahemaa National Park

Immerse yourself in Estonia's coastal cultural heritage and search for skipping stones along the rocky coast.


Source: Priidu Saart

Matsalu National Park

Located in West Estonia, this national park is a birdwatching paradise. Millions of migratory birds visit or nest there annually.

Matsalu National Park

Source: Mati Kose

Soomaa National Park

Known for its "fifth season" floods, Soomaa National Park is home to extensive bogs surrounded by forests, rivers, flood meadows and wooded meadows.

Soomaa National Park

Source: Sven Zacek

Alutaguse National Park

Estonia’s newest national park contrasts with its surroundings—wild nature alternates with villages, ancient burial sites, and former mining areas.


Source: Remo Savisaar

Vilsandi National Park

Located on the west coast of Saaremaa, this national park was set up to protect sensitive coastal and island habitats.


Source: Mati Kose

Karula National Park

The country's smallest national park protects a landscape of gently rolling hills not typically found elsewhere in Estonia.


Source: Mati Kose

Thanks to the compact size and effortless accessibility of Estonia's national parks, you can get lost in the wilderness — and then find yourself back in civilization in the blink of an eye.

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